We are a registered compliance practice with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority ("FSCA") and offer specialist outsourced compliance solutions and risk management services to Category I and II.

Regulations Act 2017

Taking into account the impact of secondary legislation such as the Financial Sector Regulations Act 2017 and other relevant acts such as POPI, POCA, FICA, POCDATARA.

FAIS Licensing

we assists clients through the entire process of applying for a FAIS license (or more commonly referred to as an FSP license).

Profile Changes to FSP License

Profile changes include changes to the FSP name, adding or removing of Key Individuals or Representatives.

FAIS Compliance Reporting

we compile and submit the compliance report to the Registrar as required by the FAIS Act.

About Invo Consulting

Our extensive experience working in Consulting, Financial Services as well as in Legal Practice make us uniquely qualified to help with your FAIS compliance needs.

We specialise in financial services regulatory compliance and licensing solutions for all categories of financial services providers and other businesses in the financial services industry.

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